This web site is devoted to my weather hobby, APT weather satellite reception, here are my latest satellite images and current weather from my Davis VP2 weather station.

So what is ATP weather satellites?, well the Americans have sent in to space a number of satellites with cameras to watch the earth's weather.

APT means "Automatic Picture Transmission, one function of weather satellites is to transmit earth scan photographs to direct readout stations in real time in an analog video format. Transmissions consists of an amplitude modulated audible tone which can be converted to photographs when fed to an appropriate line-printing device." that was taken from the NOAA web site. Basically it means that the satellite transmits a series of tones which can be decoded by a receiver, computer and programme. You can see an example of a decoded picture on the right.

  Latest False Colour

The satellites are run by an organization called NOAA. Each satellite travels around the earth once every 90 minutes on a polar orbit, I am primarily interested in 2 satellites that transmit APT data, NOAA 15 & NOAA 19, there is a very good programme you can download called WXTOIMG, you can download it from

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